Dry or Wet Vacuum Cleaning Services in Pune, Robust Vacuum Cleaner

From innovation to high performance, Typhoon is the name you can rely on. Whether it is for dry or wet cleaning in industrial and commercial venues such as hotels, hospitals, workshops, factory floors, construction sites, function halls, large shops or offices, Typhoon's four models meet your cleaning needs totally. Rugged yet easy to operate, Typhoon professional vacuum cleaners are outstanding examples of ingenious design coupled with careful production, the result of years of experience and refinement.

    This heavyweight performer in a lightweight backpack speeds up cleaning of staircases, office cubicles, cabins, curtains, cinema seats, aircraft, buses, trains or even ceiling fans, air-vents, wall corners and dusty cupboard tops.
    Typhoon 105 - Pack a vac on your back!
    Powerful, yet compact and user-friendly, the Typhoon 122 is also highly versatile. This dry cleaner is equipped with the "cold" motor, an unique product that offers an average lifespan of 1800 hours - 3 times longer than the ordinary motor. The "cold" motor features a cut- off device that signals for the replacement of carbon brushes after 800 hours and emits a lower noise level of only 62 dB (A) as compared to ordinary motors, contributing to the protection of workers and the environment. The Typhoon has a tank capacity of 22 litres and is ideal for smaller cleaning jobs.
    Designed for optimum suction power, the Typhoon 335 is an absolute solution for professional cleaning jobs. It has a large tank capacity of 335 litres and effectively picks up dirt, dust and liquids like nothing else can. With its high functionality and user-friendly features, the Typhoon 335 will save manpower, therefore increasing your efficiency and productivity. For covering large areas with consistent efficiency Fixed Floor Nozzle is ideally suited.
    The Typhoon 463 with a stainless steel tank equipped with twin motors is the ideal choice for large cleaning jobs. You can effortlessly remove not only large volumes of dust, dirt sludge but also large volumes of liquids. Its tank holds up to 63 litres and is innovatively designed so that you will know when to empty it, and then do it easily with drain arrangement. This powerful cleaner is mounted on a sturdy chassis with a comfortable steering handle and supported with strong wheels to ensure maximum mobility. Despite its ruggedness, the Typhoon 463 is ergonomically designed and amazingly easy to operate. For covering large areas with consistent efficiency Fixed Floor Nozzle is ideally suited.

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