• KLEN 1101
    Industrial Surfaces Renovator - KLEN 1101 is a unique water based degreaser that is as effective as solvent based cleaners. It is highly concentrated and thus extremely economical, yet is safe to use on most surfaces. KLEN 1101 is the ideal heavy duty cleaner for machinery, equipment and floors in factories, aircraft hangars, workshops and most other industrial applications. It produces no toxic vapours, is non inflammable & non-corrosive.
  • KLEN 2000
    Industrial Degreaser & Cleaner - A water based cleaner/degreaser that is both effective and economical. Safe to use on most hard and non-porous surfaces, it is also non-inflammable and does not produce toxic vapours. Suitable for industrial and commercial applications.
  • KLEN1103
    Electrical Degreaser - Non-conductive cleaner for dirt,grease and grime from engine parts,bearings,tools and motors.Has di-electric strength,is non flammable and can be used on running motors. KLEN 1103 is an effective and safe degreasing solution for electric motor, tools, alarm system, electric controls, fuse holders, blowers, fans, hoists, switches, transformers, office equipment, agriculture equipment and electrical equipment.
  • KLEN 1701
    Heavy Duty Self Emulsifier - A powerful solvent degreaser for heavy duty cleaning of all vehicle engines, machine tools, workshop and garage floors. Dilutable with kerosene, diesel and mineral spirits for greater economy. KLEN 1701 is the most effective way to degrease vehicle engines, or other machineries that are subject to build-up problems. It is easy to use, economical and also safe for the user as it does not produce toxic fumes.


  • KLEN 897
    Heavy Duty Descaler - KLEN 897 is heavy duty acid based rust and scale remover. It is used to remove scale from a wide range of metal equipment & surfaces. KLEN 897 contains corrosion inhibitors that effectively remove hard scales and metal oxide deposits from surfaces without attacking the base metal itself. For use on boilers, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, clarifiers, diesel engine cooling systems, air coolers, sea water sides etc.


  • KLEN 2205
    Stainless Steel Cleaner - KLEN 2205 cleans and protects all metal surfaces. It is effective on aluminium, zinc, mild steel, stainless steel, copper and silver. KLEN 2205 offers long lasting protection and can be used in kitchens, washrooms, paper receptacles, decorative entrance doors, hoods and grilles etc.
  • KLEN 2207
    Cream Cleaner - A lotion cleanser and polisher for all metals, highly effective to remove grime, soap scum, surface rust, scuff marks and other stubborn stains from ceramic, formica, chrome, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and other hard surfaces. An excellent non-acidic toilet bowl and urinal cleaner.
  • KLEN 2208
    Silver Tarnisher - KLEN 2208 has a highly active and effective formula that instantly cleans thoroughly all silver made surfaces without the need for scrubbing or other mechanical actions. It gives a bright and sparkling effect that brings out the colour of the original silver made materials. KLEN 2208 is ideal for use on utensils, dishes and containers made of silver.

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