Our central extraction systems employ innovative approach to improving working conditions, offering effective and economical solutions, low noise levels and a virtually unlimited number of extraction points. These systems are suitable for simultaneous operation at different locations. From one fixed location, the extraction systems are connected via suction pipelines to the production sites that require dust extraction. This process ensures non-stop extraction of dust and vapours from the working atmosphere by filtering the air so as to improve air quality on the shop floor and optimise process conditions.

The choice of Dust Extraction System depends on the type of material to be extracted, filtration grade and the dust collection technique.

Deluxe Cleaning Systems discusses each system with the client, down to the smallest detail. Analysis of the production line and other compliances are taken into consideration. The installation consists of a pipeline system and hoods for air borne dust from source. Hoses ranging in length from 4 to 12 meters combine with the Kiekens range of accessories ensures the efficient cleaning of large surfaces.

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